About myself

I'm a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Law at Umeå University, contributing to the multi-annual research environment project "Judicial independence under pressure? Building an infrastructure for multidisciplinary research of the Court of Justice of the European Union" financed by the Swedish Research Council.

I received my doctoral degree from the Department of Political Science at University College London in July 2019. My doctoral dissertation and current research projects focus on the strategic decision-making of courts, parliaments and governments in systems of separation of powers. Specifically, I am studying how interdependences between the judiciary, legislative and executive branches shape the choices of lawmakers and judges.

Tying in with my interest in actors' strategic decision-making, I am applying formal theory to develop theoretical expectations about the behaviour of political and judicial institutions in systems of separation of powers. I employ both quantitative and qualitative research methods to evaluate whether empirical evidence is consistent with the theoretical expectations identified in my work.